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Friday, December 18, 2009

"Stan-tastic" News

I feel the need to borrow a term from my friend Ruth Handel and let you know about some "Stan-tastic" news. Apartment Therapy named Stan's book, The Find, the No. 1 Design Book of 2009.

As one of his biggest, honkin'-est, Texan-est fan girls, I went immediately to post a "gush or two" about how great the book is and I would encourage the rest of his fans to do the same if you felt moved to be supportive and junk! You can do that here. He has a dear post about yours truly here, today.

Thanks to all of you for loving Stan's book The Find as much I do!

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lisa golightly said...

Thank you Leann for posting on this --- Looks like an amazzzzing book.
Congrats on the writeup !
merry merry,

The Elegant Thrifter said...

LeAnn, when are we going to run away and go terrorize the world!?! 10 days!!!!

I can't wait to see you. xoxoxo Stan

Anonymous said...

Vintage Laundress, I love the shout out! Looking forward to more fabulousness from you and Stan in 2010. In fact.... I expect the next year to be...


trash talk said...

What fun...I've already added a link to the book on my sidebar! I messed around at the blog party this past fall and didn't make it home with one...but maybe I'll get lucky!
I loved his gift and the post on it! Girl...only you...a boob box!
BTW...Hozsh the zshtomach thing? Zshure hope you're getting over it!