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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Vintage Laundry Studio Redo

I created this pattern on my studio wall at The Vintage Laundry Studios in Austin, Texas for two reasons. One being that I just felt this large expanse of wall needed some interest. And secondly, I love the tone on tone effect that it has.

I began with painting my wall Musical Mist (150c-1) flat interior by Behr. Then I took a long level and measured one of the octagon shapes out on a centered place on the wall and placed 2.5" painters tape along the inside of the shape. The octagon is 20" x 20" at horizontal and vertical bars. Then I added a 10" square to the sides and top and bottom and then just expanded on that until the wall was full.

After all the tape was down I used a matte medium to seal the edges of the tape, so that the top color wouldn't bleed under the tape. I let that dry thoroughly and then painted over the whole wall with Hawaiian Shell (150C-2) by Behr .

Let dry again and remove tape and presto! a beautiful wall with a great graphic "Jonathan Adler-esque" look to it! It took me about 12 -14 hrs to do from start to finish and the cost was about $50.

I love how it looks and I'm proud that I actually finished a project that I started! Wooo!Hoo!
Check back with me in the following days - I have more groovy projects for vintage finds.