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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Really, On Fire IS How I Prefer My Turkey!

I like to think that no one approaches the holidays gracefully. I find myself imagining that there are other women, just like me, all over the world that bounce from self-imposed stress (Will my guests notice that the inside of the microwave looks like a gerbil blew up in it? How well can my family control their, "No really, on fire IS how I prefer my turkey!" statements?) to total euphoria, to "happy-pill-popping" apprehension. My greatest concern in playing "hostess-with-the-most-est", which seems like an unequaled hell, is that my hostess genome is MIA and my "most-est" number clocks in around the "training bra" size when compared to the "D cup" group of hostesses that I come from.

But, as luck would have it, I got a wonderful boost in my confidence, as well as lovely compliment via an email sent to me from Jack Mitchell, publisher of a newly launched website called, All Things Cottage. It is a marvelous site that, among other things, presents information and articles for those who enjoy cottages and the lifestyle they offer. As a regular feature, they will be discussing blogs related to cottage living, including home d├ęcor and design, arts and crafts, cottage plans and gardening. They will also feature blogs on related topics, especially food and cooking. Periodically, they will showcase and feature blogs, too. And guess what? I'm among their featured blogs this week! I'd love it if you had the time to go and check it out - it can be found here.

And to Jack and All Things Cottage, I can't thank you enough for including me in your blog showcase. I look forward to more wonderful features and information from your site.

Photos courtesy All things Cottage and Lara Blair of Modern Prairie Girl.

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trash talk said...

Well let me go take a little looky look and I'll get back atcha!

trash talk said...

I'm back and I bow before the queen! How excitng for you and for me (I get to be famous thru's a rule...look it up)! Really, I could not be more proud of you and for you! You are in some wonderful my cutie patootie Amy and just think, I rubbed elbows with the both of you just this past fall! Perfect way to end the year...Fab U Lous!

Lee said...

You are so funny, what a talent... off to check it out.

Merriest of Christmas's to you.

Tara Sullivan said...

Oh how I love when good things like this happen to deserving, talented people! I haven't even taken a look yet but wanted to congratulate you ASAP.
Merry Christmas from Down the Shore!