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Sunday, December 27, 2009

See You In 2010!

At the close of 2009, I'm looking forward to 2010 with much anticipation. I am so grateful for the opportunity you’ve all given me to share the things that inspire me, make me laugh, make me cry and make me reach for the "happy pills". Thanks to all of you for your friendship - I'm so very thankful that this past year brought each and every one of you into my world! I will see you after a few days of fun, family and goofin' off.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Want It Wednesdays

Photo courtesy Olivia Stephenson

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Really, On Fire IS How I Prefer My Turkey!

I like to think that no one approaches the holidays gracefully. I find myself imagining that there are other women, just like me, all over the world that bounce from self-imposed stress (Will my guests notice that the inside of the microwave looks like a gerbil blew up in it? How well can my family control their, "No really, on fire IS how I prefer my turkey!" statements?) to total euphoria, to "happy-pill-popping" apprehension. My greatest concern in playing "hostess-with-the-most-est", which seems like an unequaled hell, is that my hostess genome is MIA and my "most-est" number clocks in around the "training bra" size when compared to the "D cup" group of hostesses that I come from.

But, as luck would have it, I got a wonderful boost in my confidence, as well as lovely compliment via an email sent to me from Jack Mitchell, publisher of a newly launched website called, All Things Cottage. It is a marvelous site that, among other things, presents information and articles for those who enjoy cottages and the lifestyle they offer. As a regular feature, they will be discussing blogs related to cottage living, including home décor and design, arts and crafts, cottage plans and gardening. They will also feature blogs on related topics, especially food and cooking. Periodically, they will showcase and feature blogs, too. And guess what? I'm among their featured blogs this week! I'd love it if you had the time to go and check it out - it can be found here.

And to Jack and All Things Cottage, I can't thank you enough for including me in your blog showcase. I look forward to more wonderful features and information from your site.

Photos courtesy All things Cottage and Lara Blair of Modern Prairie Girl.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

WhisperWood Cottage Giveaway

Had to let you know about a little goodie that Amy has going on at WhisperWood Cottage: Start Your New Year Off in Style with this Giveaway!: "So, how do you get your very own autographed copy of this book? Here are 5 ways to enter..."

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Friday, December 18, 2009

"Stan-tastic" News

I feel the need to borrow a term from my friend Ruth Handel and let you know about some "Stan-tastic" news. Apartment Therapy named Stan's book, The Find, the No. 1 Design Book of 2009.

As one of his biggest, honkin'-est, Texan-est fan girls, I went immediately to post a "gush or two" about how great the book is and I would encourage the rest of his fans to do the same if you felt moved to be supportive and junk! You can do that here. He has a dear post about yours truly here, today.

Thanks to all of you for loving Stan's book The Find as much I do!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow White and Heevin' Dwarfs

It's a little known fact that The Vintage Laundress is, in fact, Snow White. The past three days of this week have marked the beginnings of an "indy" production of her life entitled, Where's That Apple, Snow? : The Later Years. She was unable to continue production on that film and her weekly "Want It Wednesday" blog post because she needed to tend to three of her sick dwarfs - Pukey, Barfy and (H)earl.

She was, however, able to host her radio program called Move Over, I'm Next.

She will make a brief appearance later this week with her regularly scheduled posts! Have a lovely Thursday and pass the Pepto!

Photos courtesy Kandee Johnson

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Tin Man

Today is the Hubbs birthday and I'd like to recognize it with a little something more than my usual speech entitled, "Sorry Your Birthday is Overshadowed by Christmas but I'm Pretty Sure Your Birthday Would Have Been a Bigger Deal If You Had Been Conceived by a Virgin." So, I decided to get him one of those cards with a photograph of a couple caught in one of those nauseatingly "I love you so much it hurts" trances, and underneath their picture is printed the phrase, "You Complete Me." On the inside I wrote what I think is a lovely sentiment:
I don't mean to get all "Jerry Maguire" on you here, but my life truly would not be the same without you - honestly, I mean that! I'm speaking from my heart here. (But I do wish you weren't so old . . . . and maybe you could draw a bigger salary. . . and YOWZA! Do you need a haircut . . . . . . . but any who . . . . I hope you have a Happy Birthday.)

As I tossed it to him racing out the door to finish up some Christmas shopping, I said, "Hope you appreciate this, I spent 4 seconds looking through all the cards at the "Stop & Rob" and then stood behind this guy in line who kinda creeped me out cuz he reminded me of the fella I had to sit next to in 9th grade algebra who raised chinchillas and smelled like broccoli!"

Yeah . . . . what can I say, I just bleed sentiment . . . . I know . . . . . . I'm soooo "touchy-feely" and thoughtful and junk.

Happy birthday my love - you are still "as fine as a dime!"

Photos are from a "make-out-sesh" in a photo booth on his birthday in 1993.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Want It Wednesdays: Musical Chairs

Photos courtesy 1stdibs, Sarlo, Urban Remains and Samantha Hahn

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going Coastal Instead of Postal

So, here I sit tapping away at my keyboard while stuffin' my cake-hole with sugar cookies and dreaming of a white Christmas - but if the white runs out, I'll drink the red - HA! I sleigh me! - get it "sleigh" instead of "slay!" Obviously, I've found my Christmas "Spirit" or shall I say, "Spirits?" I have to be honest here and let you know I'm good for at least another 5 or 6 more puns, so brace yourselves! In the last 48 hours, I've gone from zero to "freaking-festive" in like, no time flat. As those of you who read my last post know, I have had an extremely hard time this year getting hyped for the holiday season. It's been like an episode of the "True Tales from the Grinchy-Humbuggity Club" around here, but no longer. I'm practically Cindy Lou Who and all the citizens of Whoville put together, only with extra "Ya-hoo-door-ray" on the side.

It might be the "happy pills" talking here, but I reckon my newly-found merriment is due to a combination of several different events. To begin with, I was serenaded into a "right jolly old soul" by my childrens' holiday choir concerts this week. Additional factors helped as well, namely . . . . A little booze . . . . The onset of chilly temperatures . . . . A little more booze . . . . . And the arrival my of my Coastal Living. I've been flipping through it's pages and have been inspired to not only to deck the halls, but throw a party after the decking, cook for said shindig, and become a little bit more cocktail-savvy as a bartender. I even found a solution to a few hard to buy for friends in the 50 Coastal Finds Under $50 pages. And, if you will indulge me, I'd like to share some photos that are sure to increase your serotonin and "Ya-hoo-door-ray" levels . . . . Cuz, that's me . . . . I'm a giver!

I was inspired to get creative with my displays. Here they had a groovy idea for those without a fireplace. They cleverly hung Christmas stockings on an old cherry-picking ladder and suggested that when the china’s taking up table space, display holiday cards in a glass cabinet. I've also decided I NEED that cabinet!

Christmas is at my house this year, which droves of family all needing a place to sleep. Naturally, I loved this idea of outfitting extra spaces with coastal touches like nautical ornaments, tiny spruces in red pots decorating the coffee table, along with swags of garland - so happy and bright!

I am quite enamored with the beachcomber ideas. Beach finds can be used anywhere, for example, to trim the tree or front door, or even decorate wrapped gifts. The idea of using a large sea star at the top of the wreath instead of a bow gives me tons of ideas for my front door. Tons of other great ideas can be found here.

At my shindig, I plan on spreading the love with these crowd-pleasing appetizers. I'm thinkin' the smoked salmon and fingerling potatoes look mighty tasty and the peppered pancetta-wrapped shrimp look yummerific, as well! You can find both recipes here and here.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Am Christmas (And So Can You)

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Black Friday is officially in the books. Merry old soul or not, the Christmas season is officially upon us. And, this past Monday marked what is called "Cyber Monday," which to me, sounds a lot like the business-end of a pervy 1-900-number conversation, only online. But, the reality of Cyber Monday shapes up more like Black Friday on your computer, only without those pesky retail chain policies like "no jammies or fluffy fake fur slippers."

This year, my sugar plum imagine-ings have been slow in coming - my festive spirit missed it's flight and is on stand-by, and I'm thinkin' this lack of merriment basically makes me a heathen! And as it turns out, my children and the Hubbs agree with the "you-be-a-grinch" diagnosis and have begun speaking with accents to try and get me in the Christmas mood. Five days of these accents, which really sound more like speech impediments, have caused me to wish all 3 of them harm. The accent consists of forming the letter "s" in the back of their mouths along with buckets of saliva which sounds like "zzzsssccchhh."

A typical conversation over the Thanksgiving holiday went something like this:

"Mama, it'zsh time to meazshure me - I think I've grown - Do you know where the yardzshtick is?

ME: "I'm gonna chase you with that yardstick, if you don't stop it with the accent!"

MY SON: "Zshorry."

"Mama, I'd like to zshing you a zshong. It'zsh called I Zshaw Three Zshipzsh . . . . and ah one . . . and ah two . . . and ah three . . . "

"Liv!" (said with a crazed look in my eye!)


"Yikezsch!! Thizsh cold weather izsh making me zshneezsh and wheezsh!"

ME: "Zshcott!"

So, to put an end to the "spit fest," I did a little exploring on the internet for some inspiration on "Decking of the Hallzsh" and I'd like to zshare a photo with you that kinda exprezshzshezsh my lack of energy.

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Girl Friday: Oh To Be Japanese and Brilliant

A friend sent this link to me today with a simple observation attached:

"Oh to be Japanese and brilliant....."

And I couldn't agree more, Japanese designer, Tokujin Yoshioka, restructured a window display he first presented in 2004 for an installation at Maison Hermès. The installation will run from now until January 19th, 2010.

Yoshioka's window is designed with an image of a lovely Japanese actress on a monitor with a Hermès scarf hung in front of her. As the image plays the scarf sways on cue as the the projected woman softly blows into it. Watch the video below - it will "blow" your mind - Get it? "BLOW!" - Okay, so I'm a dork!

Window installation at Maison Hermès Japan and all images courtesy of Tokujin Yoshioka Design.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Want It Wednesdays: Pearls of Wisdom

1stdibs, Vintage a la Mode, Atlanta Antique Gallery, Etsy, The Water Fairy

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Serendipi-licious Giveaway

"What is she doing?" I asked myself as I stared at my daughter this morning. She was brushing her teeth, standing in the hall outside of her bathroom, mouth full of toothpaste, her free hand pointing furiously toward my feet as if she were in the throes of a synchronized swimming routine.

There was no mistaking that she was trying to communicate an important bit of information to me. It's just that the series of complex, almost liturgical-dance-esque gestures were throwing me a little. I finally decided that she had either choreographed a charades symphony entitled "Those Boots Were Made For Walkin,'" or my feet had burst into flames and she was trying to alert me.

"My boots," she said, her finger still flailing toward my feet, ". . . . you're wearing them . . . AGAIN?"

"Yes. Were you gonna wear 'em?" I said.

"No, but Mama, its been 5 days straight - how 'bout a shoe change?!"

"What can I say - "I have a crush on 'em. They make my toes feel like 10 friends on a camping trip!" I said." (I totally swiped that line from Sandra Bullock's character in All About Steve!)

Here's where it gets kinda serendipi-licious! After taking she and her brother to school and plopping down in front of the computer to catch up on emails and read some blogs, I found that I had a message from Alicia from Whoogaboots out of Australia. She wanted me to know that everyone in every country could win a pair of their boots. And all it takes is 2 simple steps found here. Or, you can just click on the Whoogaboot badge to the right.

Good luck to everyone!