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Monday, February 2, 2009

Vintage Wedding: Karisa Winkel

"Vintage" has been enjoying a well earned popularity for several years now, whether it is accessories, clothing, or a piece of furniture for your home. Many brides are including vintage elements into their ceremonies, which spurred an idea I’ve had about posting a series of blogs on the topic. Lately, I have come across some really creative ideas. One such idea came from Karisa Winkel at Pretty Handsome Paper.

Karisa says she just finished a project that was a lot of fun. A bride wanted something with old New York style that was totally unique and meaningful. So, for her "Save the Date" cards, Karisa and the bride decided to use vintage handkerchiefs instead by silkscreening the message on center field of the hanky. To completely capture the recipients' attention they were sent out held in place with a vintage hat pin! She admits that although it wasn't easy finding 82 handkerchiefs they finally found them all and Karisa silkscreened them herself. She jokes that she came very close to robbing a Grandmother.

What guest would miss this ceremony? I’m completely charmed by the novelty of this idea.

After 3 years of being an Art Director in NYC, Karisa gathered the courage to pursue her lifelong dream of starting her own design boutique. Though she markets herself as a wedding stationery designer, she also does custom projects and loves taking on a challenge.

Karisa’s company, Pretty Handsome Paper, now offers custom designs for every occasion. Is your project unique? Do you have a clever concept? Do you want to do something original and creative? Go check things out and see if you can’t collaborate to make your wedding a ceremony that people will be talking about for years to come!


Keri said...

Beautiful and brilliant idea. I love the concept of turning something old into something new. What an original idea, Pretty Handsome Paper!

Unknown said...

I agree fully! Thanks for stopping by Keri.

Sticking to the floor said...

This is the coolest idea. I would never miss an event if I got an invitation like this. Very unique. Thanks for posting this vintage laundress. Will you update your blog with cool ideas from Pretty Handsome Paper??

Unknown said...

Absolutely Molly, I'll keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Not only is this idea unique and elegant, but Karisa has many other creative concepts on her website that must be seen.

You will never find such original design anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this most original way for brides to remind their guests to "save the date". It would also be a lovely keepsake and something I would never throw away like others that I receive. LOVE THIS!

I checked out her website and I've never seen anything like it . . so many original, beautiful designs. . blows my mind! I'd like to get married all over again so I could use her fabulous invitations.

Unknown said...

She's a very talented woman, I agree! Thanks for stopping by.