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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Creative Mind of Ethan Morrow

I came to know this artist's work through Angelo Surmelis' blog thedesigngeek. You recognize his name because he is also the host of the HGTV series Rate My Space.

I'm drawn to this artist's work for a couple of reasons. His technique makes his works feel vintage, as though they were found in a box of discarded sepia photos at a flea market and the appeal is further strengthened by the ethereal world created through his poetic imagination. Big Paper Airplane is the name of Ethan Morrow's site. On his entry page he has this statement: big paper airplane - dedicated to the fact that humans will attempt anything.Morrow's medium in the works above is graphite on paper, however there is an intriguing piece of film worth viewing here. It is titled "Dust" and was an official selection at the 46th annual New York Film Festival. His work, as Angelo put it, "feels familiar, yet different." Comparisons have been made, some say his pieces remind them of the film "Big Fish" and others "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome". My personal opinion leans toward "Big Fish" with a little Robert Longo thrown in for good measure. What are your thoughts?