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Friday, January 9, 2009

“Good Morning M'am, Could You Get Out of My Way?

I was looking at this person in the mirror this morning and I said to her, “Good morning M'am, could you get out of my way so that I can see how I look this morning!”’ And of course, much to my dismay - that was “how I looked” this morning. Apparently, I misplaced my style in 1993 when I became “preggers” with my baby girl. And if matters weren’t dismal enough in 1995 my style was pronounced dead on arrival with the birth of my little boy. So, to roll with the new me I decided that just because my body couldn’t fit into all the fun, young, “fetus-sized” fashion that I used admire and on occasion wear didn’t mean that my feet had to suffer - they were the same size - I could still indulge in my shoe fetish! Which leads me to today post . . .

This morning, after my mirror siting, I was sitting in front of my computer slurping on my 32 oz. carbonated beverage and munching on my breakfast - and there it was - one of my favorite blogs written by Megan at beachbungalow8 - it was a post about this young woman living in a Dallas town home with her obviously stylish and generous mom and sister. Yikes! this little girl is only like fifteen or sixteen years old and has already procured an amazingly expansive and expensive collection of shoes and well . . . crazy fun style! She has a blog called Sea of Shoes and often puts pictures of her outfits up - I love this because my daughter and son often post photos of outfits on their Flickr and blog accounts.

So, with egg and cheese biscuit still embedded in the corners of my mouth, accentuating my Viking, dog breath, I decided to not judge or question she or her mother. But to relish the days when I have had the means to indulge my children’s interests and encourage them to seek out what turns them on be it fashion, art, music, etc. Self expression is, after all, another form of art. And as Megan said in her post, “Because of her thorough knowledge, and exposure, this girl is already well on her way to being a true force in the fashion industry.”

And like Megan I applaud her mother.