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Friday, January 9, 2009

Designer Mary McDonald . . . she's my favorite!

Who graced the first cover of Domino Magazine and designs the most amazing interiors? You know her you love her, it's LA based interior designer Mary McDonald. So, yesterday I decided I would look through my Deco File on and browsed through some new gallery photos as well and there she was looking all "glamy" in front of her Hollywood guest house. The photos are marvelous! As I said before her first spread in Domino blew me away and since have been enamored with her style and work. Everything from her "Tom Jones rock 'n' roll breakfast nook" to her "audaciously preppy den" just captivates me - does that sound creepy and "stalker-ish"? - hope not!

I think it's really groovy how McDonald will design a basically monochromatic room and then give it shot of contrast - like for instance my personal "fav" pink. In the bedroom, the swanky canopy bed has a "shock-o-morocco-pink" painted ceiling, and in other rooms she has accented the sea of navy with dashes of deep rose and an abstract looking pink canvas hung above the fireplace mantel. Another nifty trick she has incorporated is to add fluidity to a particularly long room that is divided into two separate areas with pops of pink throw pillows.

You can find the full gallery of photos here. The February 2009 photos above are by Miguel Flores-Vianna and you can find more about his work here. And the Domino, January/February 2006
photograph is by Melanie Acevedo and more of her work can be found here.


SimplyGrove said...

Mary is a superstar designer!!! Great blog:)

Unknown said...

Thanks Kirsten, I obviously think she rocks, too! I love your blog, thanks for all your design goodness!

sarathira sukiman said...

i too think mary as a design goddess, i love herr, she knows all the right chic touches doesnt she? :) im loving your blogggggg!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by sarathira! Best wishes in school - maybe you can be our next Mary!