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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gardenhouse: Vintage With a Twist

There are a finite number of times one can safely visit a website in a single day; after that point the whole exercise becomes kinda creepy and potentially stalker-esque. I have visited my new favorite online vintage furniture store, Gardenhouse, about five times . . . in the last 24 hours.

I believe the clinical term for what I suffer from is gluttony, because I want it all! Gardenhouse, located in Palm Beach, Florida, re-works vintage furnishings with crazy fun colors and fabrics. I find myself thinking things like . . . "I will take one of everything and . . . I’m going to have to give the deck a good power-washing and refresh the stain . . . Oh, and . . . which internal organ will I be selling to be able to afford all the pieces that I would like to purchase."

When I think of Palm Beach, its iconic 1960s prints and sun soaked living jump to mind. Gardenhouse Decor is keeping that heyday look and vibe alive and well. Owner, Cheryl Maeder, a fine art photographer, has gathered her vintage finds, and has given them new life with happy paint colors and modern fabrics. Visit her website the next time you are in need of some inspiration or a mood elevation.

Cheryl met her husband Gary Antonio, an artist, metal sculptor, and constant source of inspiration in San Francisco. She opened a successful advertising and photography studio and worked with some of the country's finest art directors there, and on weekends, she would search flea markets and antique stores, and meet dealers who shared her passion for vintage furnishing. After re-working these finds with her own signature style, she filled her home, studio, and her friends’ homes with these marvelous finds. After she and Gary bought a charming building in Northwood Village, they renovated it with the help of a grant from the CRA of West Palm Beach and they are now living out her dream of creating one of a kind home furnishings and contemporary fine art work. Their retro redo's have been published in several of the national magazines such as Coastal Living, Southern Living, and Architectural Digest to name just a few.

Since arriving in West Palm Beach, Cheryl has also been focusing on her fine art photography. Inspired by a trip to Spain several years ago along the coastal towns of the Costa Brava, she began photographing in an impressionistic style. Shortly after moving to Florida, she began her series entitled Dreamscapes. Cheryl's magnificent work is presently represented by galleries in New York, Paris, Miami, and Palm Beach. You can see more of her work here.

Cheryl believes, as I do, that our homes are our havens, our sanctuaries, our places to unwind and regenerate. Gardenhouse decor expresses a lifestyle of comfort, hospitality, and warm individuality that I strive for on a daily basis. Recycling and being green never looked so good!

Photos courtesy Gardenhouse Decor

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SimplyGrove said...

What a great shop!!! Thanks for the find! xx

bluehydrangea said...

Just went to the shop and you are is fantastic!! thanks for the tip and for stopping by BH. I've had a great time looking through your blog! I'll be back!