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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Francoise Nielly: A Treat for the Senses

You know I live on the edge here in my little world. For example, sometimes I've been spotted wearing white well after Labor Day. Occasionally, I might even go swimming right after I've eaten. I've even been known to run with scissors and other sharp objects.

Simply scandalous, I know . . . I'm clearly in need of an intervention! But, I thought I'd pull myself away from the adrenaline pumped rave that is my life, and share an amazing treat for the senses.

I stand in awe of this woman and her abilities. French painter Francoise Nielly is no stranger to the grand scale, her works regularly spanning six feet in length. Her massive, colorful portraits are simply delicious and the size only intensifies the captivating quality.

As an illustrator and a painter myself, it is particularly humbling to those of us who take ages to choose subject matter and execute the actual painting, to watch her create them. You must watch this marvelous video, here. As you will see, she maneuvers her palette knife carving beautiful faces out of the canvas, like a highly paid plastic surgeon. Her interpretation of light, shadow, hue, and tone is masterful and seems to come as easy as breathing! Her paintings have a great sense of humor and an explosively sensual feel to them, it seems to me.

I aspire to have her sense of celebration and love of life! But, for the moment, I'll settle for the reckless abandon of opening an umbrella inside the house or sitting to close to the television.

I know, I'm a rebel like that!

Photos and artwork courtesy Francoise Nielly

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Tamstyles said...

hey there...i need your help..i need a brass or gold coffee table. clean lines...something hot! any suggestions? I would pay for shipping if you see one with the right price.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing this artist and her work - her fearless use of color is fantastic. I love the harsh colors and lines - so energy filled. I would so have one of these in my home alas, if I could afford one that is.... in the meantime, I will just gaze at them on your blog - amazing.

Is it just be or does the painting of the woman look like you???

xo - Julie

nevin said...

Brilliant artist!!

just breathtaking!