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Sunday, September 6, 2009

21st Century Fairytale

I just read the most amazing story about a young woman, who is quite possibly one of the most tenacious and inspirational humans ever. This young woman's name is Brianna Karp, she's jobless, homeless, and a blogger, and she just scored an internship with E. Jean Carroll of Elle magazine fame. The story was written by LeAnne Italie of the Associated Press and was released about 5 days ago. You can read the story in it's entirety here. I've included a link so you can read Brianna's blog entries here, as well. also offered Brianna a forum to blog on their website, in addition to her internship with E. Jean Carroll, that can be found here.

Images courtesy Associated Press.

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elizabeth said...

Thanks for your post. very inspiring

chanteusevca said...

That is the best piece I've read in ages. An eye-opener and inspirational. When so many of us are bummed that we can't go out and purchase the latest greatest whatever or have to cut back on eating out, we have to realize what is going on in the world around us and find a way to help or be a part of the solution for those of us lost in the shuffle on the streets. Thanks so much for posting this. Made my day, my week, my year!

Lylah Ledner said...

wow...this is great! gonna do a link back to ya!

junkermidge said...

Such an uplifting and inspiring story! I hope Bri's life continues to really take off. Thanks for sharing that.

sassydesigns said...

Hi there LeAnn!
What an inspiring story!
So glad you found my blog, new friends always make my day! Hope you are having a super week!