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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quote-Unquote: Wish I'd Said That

Have you ever come across a quote and thought, "How true!", "WOW! Wish I'd said that." or "Yeah! What She Said!" I love words and I admire people who can paint a picture with them. Sometimes words have the ability to heal, raise our mood and give us hope or, just make us laugh as we relate to the thought. To those clever wordsmiths that construct these sentiments, I salute you!

Images of quotes via ffound

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Gustavo said...

oh how beautiful you are
that was a compliment
Auf Wiedersehen!

ps: Ich wohne in Brasilien.
sorry, I Live in Brazil, you know?

Elissa said...

Hi loving your blog and just had a nosey at your online store. Some beautiful furniture my dream is to own a house big enough to house some of it! :-) x

Unknown said...

Your blog is awesome, the quotes are adorable!!