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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grafter: Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

If you missed my first post on my new Grafter series featuring those folks that have a talent for making something out of nothing, no biggy, you can go back and read it laterLast week I featured Shannon South of reMade USA and today I would like to introduce you to Carolina Fontoura Alzaga a  multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for re-purposing castoff materials.

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga upcycled lighting designs are a step above the rest. At first glance I thought that maybe one of the components looked a little bit like a bicycle rim and then slowly I started to realize that the beads were not beads but bike chains! Inspired by Victorian chandeliers, DIY culture and bikes, the bike chain chandeliers designed and made by Carolina start out as anything but artistic but end up exquisite works of art.

She combines the elegance of a Victorian age with discarded bike parts resulting in a stellar example of grafter art, as well as upcycling done right.

If you are a Grafter or know of someone who is please get in touch with links and photos of your creations.

Photos courtesy Carolina Fontoura Alzaga and Re-Nest.

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The Vintique Object said...

First, I am a newcomer to your blog and have been laughing my a** off. If only... Second, I can't wait to dig in to previous posts. Third, I am STUNNED, stunned to find your series on grafters, particularly this one. I am totally blown away by the ingenuity with this chandelier. I'd give my eye teeth for one. Keep up the amazing work on the grafter series. Waiting with bated breath for the next post. Your newest follower, Camille.