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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 101

The marvelously talented Janis Nicolay of Pinecone Camp has passed on the Happy 101 Award to me. You are the grooviest and I thank you so very much!

So here's the deal, I'm supposed to tell everyone 10 things that make me a "happy camper". Ready, set and go:


Thanks again Janis - you are the darlin-est creature! Now, I think I'm supposed to pass Happy 101 Award on to a few other bloggers who make me happy and oh so loved. So, I choose:

Stan of The Elegant Thrifter
Debbie of Talking Trash
Cheryl of Stash Studios

Photos courtesy Cabbages and Roses, i gigi, The Laundry, Pale and Interesting, Polly Wreford,

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Stanley said...

Oh gosh. You are too much. Let me get to work! Have been buried in Hooch Bags today!

Stash said...

Thank you sweet friend. You know if I had gotten this first, I would be totally sending it to you!

trash talk said...

Girly, you are the best! How am I supposed to top this post? This is going to take a lot of thought...and you know how much I hate to have to think. One thing I do know, I'm happy just getting to know you!
P.S. I'm keeping some mighty fine company! Thank you!!!!

jacques pepin said...

With the weather getting a little nicer we won't have to settle for a NicPic on the kitchen floor, we can actually compete with the ants for a nice patch of turf!

Pinecone Camp said...

Bonjour from Vancouver LeAnn! Thanks for playing along. I love your happy answers and pics. I so agree with you about picnics and vintage summer dresses, especially. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh! My...........I LOVE your blog and your flickr, too! You are witty and fun...You have delighted me with your many spunky insights! Thanks for being so "real"!
grammycarolynn (flickr)

Leslie @ everygoodandperfect said...

This post was so sweet and uplifting!
So glad I found your blog today! It's lovely :)