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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Emerge-Hair-Care and Tire Center

The Vintage Laundry Holiday Bizarre and Open House was a huge success! The event gave me the chance to see old friends and make a lot of new ones. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated - you are all greatly appreciated!

One last bit of business before I spin a yarn I'd like to share concerning my failure to announce Day 5's prize and the winner of Day 4 in our Vintage Laundry 5 Day Giveaway. The winner of day 4 was Kate Rowe. Congratulations Kate, you're the winner of the hotel silver creamer! Our final day of the 5 Day Giveaway is a 20% discount on any merchandise in store or online.

Now to spin that yarn . . . . .

To celebrate the triumph of our Bizarre and Open House, I came down with a stomach virus or the flu, or something equally as dreadful. And, if you're gonna go and get yourself a really nasty ailment, it's always best to do it at 2 o'clock in the morning after all of the reputable medical facilities have closed their doors for the night. That way you can be forced to seek help at the Emerge-Hair-Care and Tire Center located at the corner of A Hoot and A Holler.

As the Hubbs and I waited to be seen by the Dr./Vet/Nail-tech, we were privileged to hear some of the most colorful and interesting conversations.

For instance, to the left of us sat a delicate little old grey-haired lady about the size of a Triscuit who, clearly using her outside-voice, complained about her hemorrhoids.   She said and I quote, "'They' tha size a throw pillows . . . . Those 'big-uns' from the Mart!"

Another fellow to our right who was sitting next to a young man who had his foot propped up on the chair beside him with his foot wrapped in a couple of terry cloth towels confessed that, ". . . . My brother shot 'his-self' in the foot on account a he's a dumb ass!" Don't you just love how this season makes those family ties stronger while bringing out those loving sentiment between siblings? Kinda makes you all gushy and warm inside doesn't it?

Trust me, I know about gushy and warm . . . and insides!

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Image courtesy The Healthy Home Economist 

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lisa golightly said...

Now that I have moved to Texas, I completely get your experience ! So sorry you are feeling under the weather. I wanted to stop by your show, but my daughter was sick herself that day. Feel better soon ! XO Lisa

special "deliverance" said...

When I read this post I could not get the sound of a banjo playing out of my head! Very funny!