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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kankles, Karma and Kittens

Friends, there's something about me that you should know:  I'm a wussy, cry baby, whiney pants.

I'm talkin' cranky baby squared!  And to prove my point, I'd like to present you with some ex-post facto - which is Latin for "Lord, that girl can complain!"  So, pay attention, there will be a quiz later.

Fact #1:  I'm in a circus-type tent in the middle of a cow pasture for this Fall's Antiques Week.

Fact #2:  All of my vintage crap, I mean merchandise, is placed in and around said circus tent.

Fact #3:  It is hurricane season.

Fact #4:  It has been raining off and on for the past 4 days.

Fact #5:  I have taken up yoga to calm my over-caffeinated mind and slim my over-fed body.

Fact #6:  There are fire ants in my socks.

Fact #7:  I'm a teensy weensy bit allergic to said ants of the fire persuasion - I have "kankles," which the urban dictionary defines as calves that become feet without taking an ankle break.

Fact #8:  Flea markets and antique shows medical facilities usually have to shoulder other responsibilities.  For example, the First Aid slash Central Office slash concession booth that administered a dose of Benadryl to me came with a kettle corn chaser and a bar-b-que'd turkey leg - now that's health care reform!

Fact #9:  And before any of that happened, our new kitty decided today would be a good day to have violently explosive diarrhea . . . in my tennis shoe . . . 

So, here are the 2 questions on my little quiz:

How many downward-facing dogs will have to do to find my center?  And, how many hours will I have to sit and rub my blanky against my cheek to find my happy place again?

Photo courtesy Consumerfriendly

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Treasure Hunting at Antiques Week in Texas

Our Golden Retriever, AJ, does this little prancy-dancy thing when we go out to play with or feed him.  He wags his tail with such enthusiasm that I think sometimes he might take flight.  He's just so overwhelmed by his anticipation and excitement that often he jumps off of the deck and takes a couple of "turbo-rear-end-in-low-gear" laps around the backyard.  Well, I gotta tell ya, this is the way I feel about Antiques Week in Texas.  And, apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way.  Our man Stan Williams, author of The Find, has put Texas Antique Week at the top of his own personal list of favorite antiquing spots and Shelterpop has included it in its Top 5 Flea Markets in the Country.  Stan described it this way: "If you want big, expensive items, they're there. If you want junk, it's there. It really has everything."

So, if you find joy in treasure hunting in overstuffed flea markets and are planning on attending Antiques Week this fall, I would love it if you would come by and see me at my spaces at Vickie Davis' wonderful venue at The Texas Rose Antique Show, located across from Marburger Farms, 2075 South State Highway 237. You can find directions here. The show begins Saturday, September 25th, and runs through Saturday, October 2, 2010.

Hope to see you there and happy hunting!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Austin-centric Vintage-Type Thingys

Hey everyone, just thought I would share a little Austin-centric vintage-type thingys with you.

STAG will showcase 10 looks, including some one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, on Wednesday night, September 22nd at 8pm for Tribeza Magazine's first all-men's ROCK + RUNWAY FASHION SHOW.  You can get more info here.

And another little goody I'd like to share comes from Yelp.  To quote their site, "Get ready to lose your prohibitions" for Yelp's 2010 Open Party. They suggest that you just knock three times and whisper low . . . and say that Yelp sent you!  Some of the things to expect are big-band, burlesque, a casino and free cocktails sure to knock you back a few decades.  See more details here.

Image courtesy Tribeza Magazine

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Salad Bar: The Joys of Owning Your Own Business

Happy Monday to everyone.  I hope your weekend was restful or productive or fun or whatever you wanted it to be!

Most of my weekend consisted of trying very hard to harness the divine act of accepting my (and a little bit of da Hubbs') most tiresome and irritating character faults. The remainder of my weekend was spent mopping myself up off of the floor because I have more enthusiasm than I have actual energy, and have taken on more work than I can physically and emotionally handle, have over-extended myself and have fallen apart . . . . .  Ahhhh . . . owning one's own business . . . . ain't it grande??!!!

See you tomorrow with some great stuff on some really groovy people.

Image courtesy Keep and Share

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Want It Wednesday: La Vie En Rose

Photos courtesy Magis Gallery, 1stdibs, DejaVu a Deux, Ruby Lane, and Objets Plus Inc.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody

I know in my head that the best things in life aren't things. The best things are supposed to be experiences and relationships and junk like that - Right?!  But BOY, in my heart I would love to have one of these things!  I would also sell my pancreas for half the talent and imagination that Jeanne Bayol and Jean-Marie MarĂ©cha possess.

Deep in the heart of Provence, along the foothills of the Chaine des Alpilles Mountains, there are some of the most beautiful gypsy caravans in the world being restored by these two.  During the restoration process, Jeanne and Jean-Marie try to make sure and honor the essence of these marvelous pieces by staying true to the history that the caravans hold.  I can't help but feel a sense of mystery and enchantment of times past when I look at these sacred gypsy spaces. It seems to me that the idea of traveling towards the unknown is what inspires and sparks my imagination.  After all, isn't that what the gypsy's spirit entails? Jeanne and Jean-Marie want to capture just that in their restorations, which is what they call "a subtle mix of temporary and eternal." 

Apparently, it has now become quite posh to accessorize one's gardens with these lovely caravans.  Others, I've discovered, use them for a tea room, a guest house, a playhouse, or just a nice escape to sit and read a book. All are options I find simply delightful! 

Jeanne Bayol, a native of Provence, is a woman of many talents.  She can transform any event with her Bohemian touch, whether it be professional like fairs, seminars, or festivals, she can decorate private interiors, as well.  Her sense of color and creative taste have led her to design clothes that are genuinely unique and bear witness to the liberty to dress oneself in an audacious fantasy.  You can find images and information on those here.  She is also a prolific writer and those titles can be found here.

Photos courtesy Gipsybazar, Les-Verdines, and Jeanne Bayol

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