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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magical Girly Bits

When I'm trying to write a post for the blog or list some new things on my online shop, it just wouldn't seem normal around here unless my friendly tele-marketer didn't call repeatedly offering to sell me everything short of a new pancreas, or the Hubbs and the babes didn't need me to stop what I'm doing and activate my special "I-CAN-FIND-ANYTHING-BECAUSE-I-HAVE-A-UTERUS" powers to help locate their missing shoes, keys, or backpacks.

Unlike my years of working in publishing at an office, working at home in front of my own computer has had it's own set of distractions. Although I have learned a lot about the ins and outs of working from home, I confess that the whole "internet at my fingertips" thing continues to be a huge temptation. I see others handle the temptation with restraint while prioritizing work over reading the blogs or Google-ing how to lose a few "el-bees" without having to actually give up eating.

According to a survey I made up just for this post, Americans spend 30-40 hours a week online. Apparently my magical girly bits have the ability to find hidden goodies online, too, and being the altruistic soul that I am, I've decided to help you expand your online time and point you toward some simply intoxicating, inspiring, and (basically all the "in" descriptives that you can imagine) inventive sites I have come across over the last few days.


The first discovery I have to share is the Sundance Channel's original series, MAN SHOPS GLOBE. Keith Johnson openly admits the he has the greatest job in the world, and now we get to watch him work every Wednesday night while he digs around in out-of-the-way antique shops, private dealerships, and craft stalls looking for one-of-a-kind home furnishings and accessories for his employer Anthropologie. In each episode of MAN SHOPS GLOBE, Johnson travels to a new country in search of fantastic and unusual decorative objects, furniture, and textiles. He also seeks out the world's best artists and crafts people. The series follows Johnson, who travels six months of the year, from flea markets in Paris to remote villages in India, and obscure art studios in Turkey. Needless to say, I'm addicted! As if I needed another obsession?!


Greet Lefevre is a Belgian interior designer and runs a marvelous company called Lefevre Interiors. She's also a blogger friend and all around wonderful woman. If you don't know her, her blog, or her business, you should! Together with her brother, Greet runs their cabinetmakers business, continuing the fourth generation in the family business. Greet's house is in Flanders and is simply magnificent, you must see the images of her home and adjoining office/studio she has up on her blog Belgian Pearls.


It is through Greet's blog that I stumbled upon Room 17. Marvelous moody greys, earthy charcoals and linen whites effervesce off the computer screen! Their blog is a treat, as well!


The charming, whimsical, over-sized paintings of French artist, Aurelie Alvarez catches Anthropolgie's, Keith Johnson's, imagination in this online clip which is part of MAN SHOPS GLOBE series. Johnson suggests that if one were to look up "romantic French artists house" in the dictionary, Auralie's home would be pictured - and quite rightly, the romantic bohemian mood in her studio is palpable!

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Six in One Hand said...

I soooo love those pearls!!!
And room 17 is awesome eyecandy.
Great internet findS!!

AuroraSuzette said...

Keith Johnson's job should sooo be mine! I work from home for a fair amount of my job job, as I call it, and as a married mom of 3 still home, it is way hard!! I swear my husband will never really take me working here seriously. I'm grateful that you looked up more sites for me to check out...

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Darn you to heck! You are *such* an enabler. Like I needed another reason to expand my time spent online, grrrr.
I don't get the Sundance Channel, but I agree, that show looks fab.

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Your girly bits have talents and skills that I never imagined!

Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

I know I've said this before but your "home tour" pics absolutely make my heart skip a thousand beats. The feature walls you did with paint are breathtaking. Bravo!
(Did you do a tutorial on how to you painted those? Do you have the link?).

Greet said...

Dear Leann,
I want to thank you so much for mentionning me in this post!
And I have to say that I am so happy to have a new friend!!

Jacqueline said...

Oh, thanks so much for the link to Room 17. I will be spending some money there !!!! XXXX

Sammy Girl said...

Loving the post today .... not only your uterine-derived super human skills, some piquant blogs, but a post with the word effervesce .... yummy!
Thanks for keepin' the old grey matter healthy and happy!
Betty :)

Lille Diane said...

ut oh..... I feel another addiction coming on, too. YOU! I will happily [since you "made me"] go to my room ummm I mean go to room 17. Thanks for the tips on Keith and Greet... This is the stuff that makes my blood percolate, and inspires my goose bumps dance across my flesh in sheer glee.

Thank you so much for hanging your pretty pic on my Lily Pad wall. I'm joining a 12 step next Monday [or the next Monday...] but in the mean time, I'm going to support your enabling ways...

Loved the all knowing uterus. Maybe since mine is MIA I can tell peeps, "I have no idea where it is. I have no uterus to help me locate it." Freedom!!!!

UnoCosa said...

very informative post with a lot of new links that i got to explore - thanks for sharing and i love your blog, xx