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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chair Redo Beats Hair Redo

Since I'm not doing so well in the personal make over department - considering the purple Barney hair and all, I decided I would make over a couple of chairs with some great Mod Green Pod fabric. The fabric I chose was from their Jubilee collection called Wee Jubilee, Raspberry. Its a small-scale modern twist on Mod Green Pod's signature jubilee motif. I love working with all of their fabrics because they are 100% organic cotton canvas grown, woven and printed in the United States using non-toxic pigments, and they are a great price at $39.75 a yard.

I just primed the frames after removing the seat cushion and then sprayed on a couple of coats of Krylon's satin spray paint in an Ivory color, to complement the background color of the fabric. A staple gun, 1 yard of fabric, and a couple of hours later, I have a pair of lovely re-worked vintage chairs!

Don't forget that The Vintage Laundry workroom can re-work any existing piece that you have, just shoot us an email and I'll be glad to send you a quote. Check out our before and after shots here.

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Anonymous said...

The chairs really got a facelift! Nice job. Sure enjoy your humor and your business acumen!

la la Lovely said...

These look so great!!!!! I always love what you do to brighten up older pieces... so creative!
xx trina

The Elegant Thrifter said...

I super love these chairs.....when I get my TV show you'll have to be a regular....maybe with the Barney hair just for fun!! xo

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely kudos la la lovely and anonymous! Thanks to you, too, Stan - Yes! Yes! on your TV show!!! Maybe no on the Barney hair! xo to you

Dallas Shaw said...

that's a great after!


Candi said...

You did such a fantastic job, I love how they turned out!!!

The Stylish House said...

Your chairs turned out tre chic! I wish a bit of pretty fabric and spray paint would update my look so nicely :) Alas time marches on!

The Stylish House said...

Your chairs turned out tre chic! I wish a bit of fabric and paint would up date my look so nicely :) Alas time marches on.

Alkemie said...

The chairs look really fantastic! I especially love the fabric as well :) Very fun.