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Friday, May 22, 2009

Girl Friday: Greetings From the Dangerously-Over-caffeinated

Greeting from the "dangerously-over-caffeinated",

I greet each new day with the firm conviction that there is entirely too much blood in my caffeine system, and if the past few days is any indication of the coming weeks, my kidneys will be gone entirely by Flag Day. I'm sure that they are already the size, shape, and consistency of an overly saturated cleaning sponge due to my heroic intake of Diet Dr. Pepper. The worst of it is that I've just dropped a 20 oz. bottle of said soda all over my computer desk. And, now I'm having to lift the keyboard with my left hand and tilt the monitor with my right hand, pick up the chenille throw from the sofa with my teeth, and drop it on the stream of soda headed for the printer, while simultaneously dabbing up the soggy mess with my elbow. And the only thing I can concentrate on throughout this whole contortionist exercise is whether or not I should get another DDP out of the fridge downstairs. Which really is kind of silly because, let's face it, if I've reached the "over-caffeinated-hand-shaking-dropping-things" period of the day, then it's highly unlikely that I will be able to keep a firm grasp on the next bottle. However, we all know that I'm going to get another one and then another after that . . . so, there goes that debate and such is life for this caffeine junky!

I'd wax on further about the love and craving I have for DDP's, but apparently my caffeine intake has been so extreme that I've completely lost the ability to sit for more than a couple of minutes at a time, thereby making it impossible to write coherent thoughts on a post. So, I'll just have to leave you with links to some interesting new discoveries. Look for posts with more detailed information featuring each of these new friends in the future.

Jonamor D├ęcor

French Kissed Design

Queens of Vintage

August Morgan

Landon Pigg


olivia gray <3 said...

Mother , I've come to the conclusion that you are , in fact , an tad ADD. Or ADHD , whatever it may be.
- Liv.

Anonymous said...

You are making the recycling guy happy evidently!
I looked at all of the sites you listed and agree that they all are top notch! I especially like Landon Pigg's site.
You are "the best" at finding ahead of the curve artists and entrepreneurs! THANKS!