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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thingy Thursday Revival

I admit freely, without apology to anyone, that I'm a collector slash hoarder slash "if-you-don't-want-it-I'll-take-it" kinda chick.  If someone put it in a garage sale, I bought it.  If someone trashed it, I dumpster dived it.  There is not a minimalist bone in my body and I have the junk to prove it.  I come by this green-recycler-obsessive-compulsive behavior, not because I abhor overflowing landfills (which I do,) but because I'm neurotic - and I'm only sorta kidding here!

So, to make myself feel better about all that, I've decided to resurrect a weekly post that I began a few years ago and then let wane.  It's called "Thingy Thursday" and as the name suggests, it will serve as a vehicle to showcase collectors and the "thingies" they collect.  The plan is to begin with my own personal collections next Thursday, accompanied by specifics and rules and regs for a contest we'll be hosting on our Instagram and Pinterest.

But while you wait with baited breath for next week's "Thingy Thursday" post, I have a few archived posts that I would like to share with you from my friends, Stan Williams, author of The Find (also known as The Elegant Thrifter) and Lynn Goldfinger-Abram, the woman behind the marvelous online store, The Paris Hotel Boutique.

Take a look and walk away, as I did, with a case or two of collection envy!


Sarah said...

LeAnn, fun to see a post from you pop up. Love the idea of Thingy Thursday. Collecting is in my DNA. '-)
Will you be at the City Wide this weekend? Did you close your storefront or just move it?
Miss you ~ Sarah

Unknown said...

The idea and concept is very nice! I am very much tempted for this ;)

I think its going to rock. My obsession with collecting stuff is a lil cliched though. I prefer collecting action figures (batman, super man) .. Hahahaha I know weird it may sound but it is really fun for me ;)

Jessica x

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Jessica! Love the action figure collection!