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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Retro Redo: A #Brand New Space for Evolve Media Austin

At The Vintage Laundry we believe in being aggressively colorful.  We know that the colors we choose to surround ourselves with reflect our style and kind of become a signature of sorts.  We firmly believe that color can affect our emotions.  So, when choosing a color palette, we think about the mood that we want to create … Do we want to feel reflective and peaceful?  Or do we want to feel energized and happy?  

During our collaboration with evolve media on their interior design branding, we decided to choose not only a representative corporate color palette but a collection of patterns that speak for their company, as well.  As evolve media has worked with me to rebrand my existing website, I have been impressed by many things, but a few of their most arresting characteristics are how creative, ambitious, and spectacularly focused these young women are on increasing my company's visibility online.  Their knowledge of social marketing and branding accompanied by metric tons of enthusiastic energy is, I'm happy to report, contagious!  The branded decor path that we have chosen for evolve media has resulted in  an interior design aesthetics that has broken out into stripes and chevrons with spots of gold!

The only prescription we can think of is to make two Pinterest posts, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and make sure to get plenty of tweets and share our designs on tumblr.