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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I thought I would share a great business idea that a couple of friends have made into a reality. Got Whimsey is a company that offers planned or chartered trips to flea markets, boutiques and other shopping related destinations in and around Austin. Great idea - right!! They'll spoil you with crudites, confections, and cocktails to suit the occasion. Founders Mandy and Meredith Cloud - they say they are two sisters, two designers, two Austinites and too fanatical about hunting and capturing the exotic. Mandy likes funky furnishings and unusual jewelry, the bigger the better. Places that land on her list of favorites have to be a little bohemian, quirky with a classic twist, full of variety...and not too pricey. Mandy earned a B.S. in Interior Design at Texas Christian University and has a residential design business, Cloud Nine Design, that allows her to indulge her passion for creating "rooms of purpose and whimsey. For Meredith it's all about vintage...linens, clothing, purses, artwork. She's not a stickler for finding a true "antique" or collecting pieces of a specific era, but thrives on the discovery of anything chic that packs a punch - but watch out she moves fast, has a discerning eye, and dares to be different! Meredith also earned at B.S. in Interior Design at Texas Christian University and has years of experience in Commercial Design and Interior Architecture, currently as an Interior Designer at a local architecture firm.
They currently have 2 trips available now to
Round Top, Texas - April 2 & 5, 2008.